Long-lasting, extremely resilient pre-cast concrete structure make our concrete bollards an ideal cost-effective alternative to the steel bollard range.

Stainless Steel

The high tensile strength and vandal resistance of steel bollards makes them suitable for most anti-ram and security applications. All steel products are supplied in a galvanised finish or painted in any RAL colour unless otherwise stated. Steel bollards are a highly effective means of vehicle control. The simple styling makes them particularly suitable for use around car parks and the lower cost makes these a favourite choice for budget schemes.

Flexible Bollards

When you need bollards to warn drivers but don’t want the hassle (and cost) of insurance claims due to car damage or the concrete holding the bollard breaking/popping when the bollard is hit, a flexible bollard is perfect for the job. We supply and fit them in whatever colours you need. They don’t damage cars, and they won’t break the concrete they are built into.

Drop down

Ideal for protecting parking spaces, these drop down vehicle barriers are lightweight, easy to use and economical. Easy to lay down and drive over for authorised access, yet strong and bold enough to create a distinct deterrent. These collapsible and affordable parking barriers allow you to protect your space from unauthorized access.