Flat Mat Surface Loops

Flat mat surface loops were designed as an environmentally friendly and flexible alternative to traditional saw-cut or sub-surface loops.

They are electromagnetic vehicle detection loops and are pre-formed and encapsulated in a protective mat so they can be laid down directly onto concrete, asphalt or basically surface in one unit.

Flat mat surface loops are designed and constructed to withstand the rigors of direct vehicle loading in access control situations and are ideal for use in:

 • Car parks
 • Security Access
 • Toll Booths
 • Concrete Roads/Surfaces
 • Asphalt Roads/Surfaces
 • Temporary Surfaces

This removes the need to cut into the ground surface, therefore removing the possibility of compromising structures such as post-tensioned concrete and also removing the pollution aspect of traditional saw-cutting slurry.

The benefits of flat mat surface loops to be considered when detection loops require to be installed or replaced are:

  • No need to saw cut new surface
  • They don’t invalidate the deck waterproofing warranty
  • Flat mat surface loops can be made to any shape or size requested by the client
  • Safe, environmentally friendly way of installing loops
  • Functionality exactly the same as the “old” traditional saw-cut loop detectors
  • Installation of the flat mat surface loops takes a fraction of the time required for traditional saw-cut loops
  • The is NO effect on post-tensioning concrete within the concrete surfaces – this is particularly beneficial for the age-old Car Park loop issue
  • Designed to interact with hydraulic bollards/streetscapes for emergency access – fire engines etc
  • Ideal for Traffic Signal Installations on pedestrianised streetscape areas – it does not affect the integrity of the specialist paved area