Car Park Maintenance

Time and usage takes it toll on every car park.

Before you know it, your sparkling new car park starts to look a little shabby and tired. Doors don’t close the way they used to, the lines aren’t as visible as they once were and the lights that are still working are dimmer thanks to a build up of grime.

When your car park isn’t looking at its best, you customers notice too. If a new car park opens nearby, guess which one they would prefer to use?

To keep your car park looking and operating at its best, Brian G Hancock offer a full maintenance service. Once a year (in general) we bring your car park back to new again. We clean and fix broken lights, fix door closings, freshen up the white lining and clean it from top to bottom. We can also do asbestos surveys and remove where necessary along with checking fire hydrants, hoses and dry risers. We find that keeping on top of your car park once a year means it will never look “tired” in your customer’s eyes.

For more information on our car park maintenance service, please call us on 01937 588924.