Bungee Bollards

Our innovative bungee bollards are designed to guide vehicles away from collisions with potentially expensive or important equipment whilst not damaging the car and not requiring fixing if they are hit.

Traditional bollards are great when a vehicle needs to go no further however when they are used to protect equipment such as barriers, ticket machines or simply to direct traffic around a bend they are expensive to fix when they get hit, and they also cause damage to your customer’s cars which is not appreciated. Our innovative hanging poles are the solution!

Suspended form the ceiling and fixed by bungee cords to the floor, the poles are a huge visible sign to a driver to avoid. If the driver’s car touches them, they move/sway and as they are made of plastic, they do not damage the driver’s car. As soon as the driver has touched them, they notice a huge pole swaying and realise that they are too close and adjust their driving angle immediately to avoid collision with anything behind the bollards. They work superbly!

Our bungee bollards come in various sizes and any colours to match your company or car park colours.

For more information on our innovative bungee bollards, please call us on 01937 588924.