ANPR and Vehicle Counting Systems

ANPR Systems

ANPR is achieved through video cameras capturing images that are analysed using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which scans each group of pixels within the images.

OCR is the fundamental technology used in ANPR and provides the capability to store and sort data. ANPR cameras need to be of a special type and set up within certain designated parameters.

As a vehicle approaches the camera, the software takes a series of ‘snapshots’ and stores them in a file. When the number plate is of sufficient size for the OCR software the frame is scanned and the registration number is converted to ASCII code and held in a list. This continues for a series of images according to the speed and position of the vehicle, ensuring that the optimum view of the licence plate is achieved.

ANPR capture is totally dependent on the correct set up of camera, lens, illumination, angle of view and configuration.

Counting Systems

Count vehicles precisely and accurately with this compact, sleek, self-contained traffic counter.

Installation is quick and simple, installed into a 130mm diameter hole in the centre of the road. Once installed, it can count any passing vehicles, recording traffic data in one minute intervals, storing it within the unit.

An integrated solar panel provides power to an integrated rechargeable battery, ensuring continuous operation for years without the need for any form of routine maintenance. In order to collect the data from the device, a specially designed radio dongle can be plugged into a USB port to wirelessly communicate. Data is then retrieved using a simple download application.

The range of wireless communications will work up to approximately 10 metres away, meaning engineers can connect with the unit safely and efficiently.