Bay Monitoring

The BirdWatch system provides additional security to your car park users. Whilst it doesn’t replace your existing barrier system, it allows you to offer additional security services to your customers which they will value.

BirdWatch is a centralized and powerful software platform that integrates sophisticated capabilities based on advanced computer vision technologies.

Through seamless integration of software and hardware based-data, BirdWatch provides the total control of the parking facilities, leading to smart parking management and improved security.

BirdWatch provides Big Data in a clear, orderly and accurate way for real-time decisions and enhances the experience of parking by providing all the means to improve mobility, security and usage, and make informed decisions.

The Spot Control Sensors provide licence plate recognition at each spot, an improved parking guidance system and spot video surveillance for maximum vehicle control and security in every parking spot. The Spot Control Sensors are All-in-One units with built-in LPR that perform vehicle detection and licence plate recognition inside the unit, a fact that guarantees the robustness of our the solution.

Features of BirdWatch include:

  • Spot Control: Maximum vehicle control and security in parking spots through licence plate recognition
  • Car Access: Control of vehicle movements based on licence plate recognition at entries/exits
  • Image review: Special functionality for Image Review workstations
  • CCTV: Maximum security with video surveillance and link the video with licence plate recognition
  • Lighting: Lighting control & energy efficiency inside the car park
  • Mobility: Get information about traffic flow and queue occupancy around the car park